The Right Way & The Path Of Least Resistance

The right way really depends on your view.  On the one hand you can write all of your own articles and as you progress not only will you share your knowledge but you also will learn more as you go deeper into you subjects. You take your leads on a journey of discovery and pick up even more leads in the process.

But wait what’s the other way.  The way to do it if you can’t write crap.  If no matter how you word it or phrase it, it seems garbled or unfocused, or maybe you just want to focus on marketing.

Well then you should pay to have it researched and written.  Whether you use a ghostwriter who turns over the rights to the article to you or you outsource it to Fiverr or one of the other outsourcing services.  You just have to make sure they are speaking with your voice.

PLR What’s That?

Of course there is also another option and that is to use PLR  (Private Label Rights) material.  There is ton’s of it out there on the internet.  Some one at some point puts together a package of information or articles and sells the rights to them.

If you are smart you won’t use them like they are but rather as a jumping off point to start your own creative genius while writing content.  In other words you have to really put in a good effort to make even the best PLR to work in your articles.

You will need to be very careful because many article directories ( where you publish your articles) forbid the use of PLR material.  But if done carefully using quality PLR will be so transformed that it is no longer PLR.

The actual writing is only a small portion of an article marketing strategy.  To be effective you need to find the best subjects in your niche, do plenty of research including highly optimized long tail  keywords.  Then you have to seed these keywords throughout your article but don’t overdo it.  Finally you have to pick the right places to submit your article.

Let’s Look at the moving Gears!

In other words how do we work these keywords which become the basis of our article.  A long tail keyword is actually a keyword with multiple words in it.  For example “Affiliates” is a keyword “Affiliate Marketing How To”  is a long tail keyword.  The keyword usually gives general information but a buyer might be using the long tail phrase because he is trying to solve a problem.

Wikihow has a great article on writing articles with keywords.  Click Here to read the article.  With the right keywords you can make your content unique and valuable to your reader.  Just keep in mind the keyword rule 1% density.  Thats 7 times in a 700 word article, plus you can use variations. Remember, you are going for content that your readers won’t be able to resist – not a lame excuse to plant keywords.

In my estimation and some industry experts your article should run from 400 to 700 words and only focus on one point.  Your title and first paragraph should look like this:

 Affilliate Marketing How To – Be Careful Who You Ask.

    Its easy to find Affiliate Marketers who want to teach you how to do         marketing.  The problem is that a large number of them have never sold anything themselves and in fact may now be making their first dollar off the Affiliate Marketing How To Package you just bought. Now that is no slam to those new marketers who put in the time and effort to learn their craft and offer Affiliate Marketing Courses that teach.

The truth is keyword research is as much art as it is science.  You have to be diligent and take your time to get it right.  When you write a lot of articles you may fine some get lots of traffic but the traffic doesn’t convert.  Then others draw very little traffic but it converts well.  Then there’s that one article that you did blood and tears to get it right and nothing. No interest at all. The better you get at keyword research and writing the less of those you will have.


Thank You, Tommy


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