Bio or Bust

Many article directories, that’s where you publish your articles, require an author bio. Some may not. Your Bio doesn’t appear at the end of each article, but on your “About” page for that directory, along with a listing of all your articles.

Getting targeted traffic, notice I said targeted, via your author bio and your resource box is the main reason for article marketing. And you thought you just wanted to hear yourself talk or rather write.

The CTA (Call To Action) in the resource box and the author bio is going to drive traffic to your site. In order for the reader to click through to your site you must provide content that interest and engages them.

Your articles, author bio, and resource box should never focus on you but rather on what you can do for your reader. How you can help him/her. If you do it right they will check you out through your link where you get an opportunity to sell them something.

Keep the focus on your reader and their most pressing business needs and how you can help them. Do not focus on you or your issues.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t uses examples based on your experiences because you surely must in order to seem personal and real to your reader. But in the end it’s about solving their problem.

The truth is – you have only fleeting seconds to catch a reader’s attention. You won’t do it with anything less than clearly answering this question:
“What’s in it for me, if I read your article instead of someone else’s?
The same principle that applied to Resource Boxes applies to your bio:

Here’s how you should structure your resource box:
… Use your name and optionally your title. This makes you come alive to the reader because they see you as a real person, not a company, thus more approachable.

…Put in your web address in this URL format:
rather than using anchor text. Then if your article is ever reused by any publisher you know your link will be intact.  Whereas the anchor text doesn’t always work correctly.

…Put your unique pitch in 1-3 sentences. Shorter is better. You’re not writing a novel here, just trying to pique the reader’s interest.

…Then follow up with a CTA (Call To Action) just one. This is not a bare-bones “Buy My Stuff” call to action but something like Visit my site for more information. Or You can reach me through my site. (see the link above)

One More Important Point

The resource box and author bio boxes here are formatted just for the EzineArticles directory.  Each article directory will have its own in-house rules as to how these boxes should be formatted.

For a quick check on any directory’s rules check out the articles from some of their top contributors and see how they handle the resource box and the bio box.  That will be a great indicator because they wouldn’t be top contributors if they weren’t following the rules.

When dealing with Article Directories, read each Directory’s individual guidelines carefully.  Especially in reference to their rules about resource boxes and the bio box.

There is only one constant you can count on that’s common to all Article Directories:  “Each One Of Them Is Different”

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