The Road Begins

Well It all started over 20 years ago when I first went into real estate.  I loved real estate, I loved everything about it and I worked hard at it.  Over the years I worked for several different firms and one of them was my firm.

Oh it wasn’t some huge enterprise setting sales records but rather just a one man shop.  But I have to admit after stepping back and examining everything I accomplished in real estate, the those years that I ran my own business were the least stressful and my most profitable.

I was doing investing and working with clients.  If you’re a real estate agent that’s what you should be doing.  But alas I had a heart attack and eventually closed my office.

Wearing My Wife’s Clothes

I sat around the house for a while and did some online stock trading but that didn’t work out for long.  Any way I put on my wife’s sweat pants one day ( i don’t own any to this day) to go to the mail box at the end of the drive way.  About that time she arrived home from work

Her exact words to me righ then were: “When I come home and you are wearing my clothes it’s time for you to go back to work.  Go find a firm and get back to work”  Yep there was nothing subtle about it.

Has Anybody Seen John Thornhill

I know, you’re asking where is John Thornhill in all this.  I’ll get to John in a minute.  The truth is I have always had an interest in the internet and making money online.  In fact I went into real estate investing because i bought Carlton Sheet’s online course.  He actually shipped a physical product.  It was righ there in front of me but I was to dumb to see it.

Off and on over the years since 1998 I have tried affiliate marketing.  I made a little money here and there but always got pulled away because of my real estate business.  The problem is that everything was so complex I would forget exactly what I had to do when I went back to it.

Of course there is also that shinny object thing.  I gotta admit I like em.  I am always curious and interested in new products.  You should see my JVZOO account.  On second thought you shouldn’t.

Anyway internet marketing is something I have had an interest in for over 20 years and the truth is I have learned a lot but for some reason or another I have never been able to quite put it all together.  This is where John Thornhill comes in.

Here Comes John

So in comes John Thornhill.   I ran across his Partnership To Success program online off a webinar.  I must say I was very impressed.  So may programs I have tried have left you in a lurch simply because they do not explain everything in detail, or their training videos suck.  Often you either can’t understand them when they talk, or they go so fast you cannot follow what they are doing.  Plus they often leave out steps.

John’s program is different.  Basically I have completed the first seven weeks in less than two weeks.  That’s because I am doing this full time now, except for those honey dos, and John makes it easy. .  But the program is comprehensive and the instruction is explicit and carefully though out and presented.  He speaks clearly, goes slow but not to slow and is very detailed on the training.

The several questions I did have were answered immediately by his support staff and very pleasantly.  I am having a great learning experience and will keep you posted as to my progress.  I am in Phase one week 8 List Building.  Remember if you want to succeed online check out John Thornhill’s Newest Program “Automated Sales & Success” Program.  It’s worth every penny.

I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to make my income online after I finish John’s course and so could you.


Thank You,  Tommy                                                                                                                                            


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