How to actually write Articles

If you are worried about writing authoritative articles just relax. secretly been quaking about this, relax.  Even though you hated writing in High School or College you can do it.  I’m going to give you some secret strategies to help you be successful.

Besides, no matter how hard it may first seem, you’ll soon get into the habit of writing great interesting articles. After the first few, writing articles will quickly become a good habit.  Well you may or may not enjoy it,  you still will find it an effective tool in your bag of marketing tricks.

The First Rule is:

1)  Keep It Simple. Start with a 400 word article, and work your way up to writing 700-1000 word articles.  Respect your readers, they are not dumb so no stuffing in any words to bloat up your article. Be concise, informative and educational and you will capture your readers interest.  This applies not only to articles you may submit to article directories but also articles for your blog.  Remember to use your keyword in the title and a couple of places in the article.  You can also use a version of your keyword in the article.  See the video example below.


                                                                                                                                                  Market Samuari

2) Types of Articles that always work:

    Tips– Whether it is 5 tips, 10 tips or in between this article writes itself.  Keep the format in mind when writing this type of article.  Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then remind them about             what you just told them. As an example …..   

The Headline

                                        ” Ten Tips On How To Start Working From Home”

The Article

” These ten tips will help guide you on what kind of article to write and how to get started. Etc.Etc. Etc.

                                            The 10 Tips

1)etc etc

                                            2) etc etc

The Closing:

” I hope you enjoyed the ten tips on how to star                                            working from home and where to start first.  For more information please click on the link to my blog in my Resource Box below.”

(it could be 8 tips…or 10 mistakes…7 great ideas etc etc this is endless)

How To:  Unlike tips you will have to do a little research here. With How To you write on a single subject so your reader can learn.   Online research can reveal many different ways to write the same article.

               Keyword Idea Articles.  Broad subjects are to hard to write about effectively.  Try to focus on one idea or element.


  • “How To Create The Perfect Article Title”
  • “How To Create A Highly Effective Resource Box”
  • “How To Get Accepted by Any Article Directory”

                                  “How to actually write Articles that get accepted”

You can actually combine the “How to” articles with elements of the “10 Tips” – by breaking the steps down into a 1-2-3 type format.

This should give you some idea of the structure.  Please remember this is just a starting point as you get more familiar with the article directories you post in you will be able to organize your material in many different ways.

3) Visually Appealing:   Think about how you will structure your article and what it’s appearance will look like.  It must be visually appealing to your reader.  What the experts have found out over time is that an article should be written for different kinds of readers.  Do not do block after block of dense paragraphs.  This turns readers off.  Short paragraphs of 2-3 sentences make it easier for the reader to understand what you are saying.  That way if the reader wants to read the whole article they can.  Also break up the article by using BOLD sub-headlines and bullet points, that help a reader in a hurry to instantly scan and grasp what’s being talked about.


  • Short Paragraphs    
  • Bullet Points    
  • Sub-Headlines

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