For the last 20 years or so i have been working in Real Estate.  I had left national distrubitioncompany but wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  A friend of mine suggested Real Estate and that I should buy that Carlton Sheets course.  Strangely enough I bought it off the internet and wow was it a great course.  I immediately put the learning into pratice and my investing career was born.  However i decide to get a real estate license  and to my supprise I found out I enjoyed working with buyers and sellers.  I did quite well at that for the last 20 years.

However during that time I was facinatedwith internet marketing.  I am the king of the “Shinny New Objects”  You should see my JVZOO account.  I have two of them.  But for some reason I’d pulled back to working with clients or I’d get stumped and give up, and put it away for a while.

Well anyway recently I left real estate for the most part, my wife and her sister are taking care of any clients and I looked around on how to seriously get started.  Now normally I don’t like to ask for help as I want to learn everything myself.  Yea right, how’s that working out for me. But it’s i,portantbecause I went belly up all the way in 2010 and we just crawled back out of the slime a little.

The problem is we have no retirement of any kind.  I need to pay my house off and create a stream of income so Carol (my Wife) won’t have to go live with dummies when I die.  It’s bad enough she has to live with a dummie now.  The truth is this online business is an excellent way for someone older to supplement their income.

I looked at a bunch of programs and vasalated back and forth on what to buy and who to work with.  The truth is I have seen John Thornhill around over the years and he always seemed very grateful and down to earth.  His program is awsome (Partner to Success) , but most importantly for me his training videos are easy to follow.  There are a lot of smart people ot there who cannot make a clear and instuuctive video.

So that’s my story, yes it’s worse than it sounds, but hey it’s my story so i gotta live it.  Anyway I am here today and the journey beging